We are building a better tampon

We are building a better tampon

100% organic, biodegradeable, hypoallergenic & chemical free

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Tired of putting harmful chemicals into our bodies

That's why we’ve created our 100% organic tampon that uses premium cotton, uniquely woven for maximum absorbency. We don’t use any fragrances, synthetics, deodorants or rayon - just 100% pure premium organic cotton.

Tampons simplified

Organic tampons. 100% chemical free.

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  • 100% Chemical Free

    Chemicals in tampons have been linked with cancer & infertility in women. Our tampons are 100% chemical free.
  • 100% Premium Organic Cotton

    No harmful bleaches or dyes. Our tampons are made from 100% pure organic cotton & perfectly woven for maximum absorbancy.
  • Biodegrable & Hypoallergenic

    Because our tampons are chemical free they are not only safer & more comfortable for you but also for mother earth.
  • BPA Free, FDA Approved

    Safer than traditional applicators, ours is BPA free & ship to you from our FDA approved facility.
"Le Parcel gives women a reason to celebrate getting their period"
"Imagine it: a world in which you never, ever have to run out and buy feminine hygiene products again."
"I love the idea of Le Parcel and the idea of never having to make last-minute trips to the drugstore"
"Surfing the crimson wave is pain enough, but Le Parcel looks to make it a bit less excruciating."
"Look forward to that “time of the month,” thanks to Le Parcel!"
"Heck yes... This is so awesome!"